February 14, 2017
  • Accounting Standards Update:  Rethinking Nonprofit Financial Reporting | Page 1
    Our lead article, Rethinking Nonprofit Financial Reporting, digs into new accounting standards designed to help nonprofits tell their story more transparently. The new accounting guidelines apply to fiscal years beginning after Dec. 15, 2017.
  • Managing Mishap:  How to Keep Special Events Calamity-Free | Page 2
    Managing Mishap on Page 2 provides some best practices for keeping your special events calamity-free. Things like walk-a-thons, wine tastings and golf tournaments are typically not covered under your nonprofit’s basic liability insurance.
  • A New Face for Your Financials:  Start Preparing Now | Page 3
    Our Page 3 article, A New Face for Your Financials, provides guidance on how your nonprofit can best prepare for the coming changes to nonprofit financial statement presentation. Practically speaking, your executive director, CFO and board members will all need to understand how these changes translate into the numbers they will be seeing.
  • How Dusty Are Your Docs? | Page 4
    We conclude this issue with How Dusty Are Your Docs?and the importance of regularly reviewing your organization’s governing documents.

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